KDE Reader is a program which allows reading Gutenberg texts in the comfortable desktop KDE environment. Instead of downloading texts and opening them in an editor, just fire up KDE Reader, search a nice book and read it. It will take care of  downloading, converting, displaying for you. It's like having a library inside your OS. When you're done reading, you can bookmark the place you left just like any other book.


KDE Reader screenshot

Download and run

Download it here.

tar zxvf kdereader-x.y.tar.gz
enter the resulting directory and type ./run.sh .


KDE Reader is experimenting with KDE-Java development.
Features to add:
KDE Reader is based on gilt, a Gutenberg index listing tool developed by George Russell. It is currently being developed by Adrian Dimulescu. If other people would like to participate at its developing, they're of course welcome.

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Adrian Petru Dimulescu, Monday 27 June 2005